Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance Overview

While you’re out on the water, anything can happen. Whether it’s a collision or an injury, unforeseen accidents can be financially stressful to recover from. Having the right boat insurance policy can be an excellent way to protect yourself from covering significant accident-related expenses.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance policies can vary based on various factors, such as boat type and location. Regardless, some of the most common coverages to include in your boat insurance policy might be:

Liability coverage

This helps cover expenses if your boat causes damage to another person’s property.

Medical payments coverage

This helps cover medical expenses if you or a passenger gets injured on your boat.

Boat insurance property coverage

This helps protect your boat from various risks and potential incidents by covering costs related to theft or vandalism.

Uninsured watercraft coverage

This helps cover expenses if an uninsured boater collides with you and causes injury to you or your passengers.

You may be able to include additional coverages in your policy. Learn more about potential coverage options by contacting Curtis Owens Insurance Agency.

How Does Boat Insurance Work?

In an agreement with your insurer, boat insurance works similarly to a contract in which you pay an insurance premium in exchange for financial coverage following an accident. Collisions, property damage, medical bills and incidents that occur while your boat is in storage might be some instances in which your insurer steps in to assist you. You will likely have to pay a deductible, which is an amount you’ll cover out of pocket following an accident until your insurance kicks in.

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