Why Choose Us

"We just do surety bonds and we do them better than everyone else."

We are 100% focused on Surety Bonds

AllStates Bonding is SURETY ONLY  – This means that we concentrate all of our time, talents, resources and efforts on surety bonds.  AllStates does not handle any types of insurance.

Most insurance agents who supply bonds view it as an extra source of income and consequently allocate a small portion of time and resources toward providing surety bonds for their clients. AllStates thrives during the most difficult economic periods and during ‘hard surety markets’. The toughest and tightest economic climates require the best support. 

We provide the most competitive bond program in the industry.

AllStates Bonding provides THE MOST COMPETITIVE bond programs in the surety industry. If you’re not getting your BONDS with us there is a good chance you’re competing with someone who is – and they are getting better terms, including better rates than you are.

Since we were once underwriters ourselves we understand the mindset and know the hot and cold buttons. We can break down your specific account and bond needs better than a ‘jack of all things’ insurance broker who does nothing but submit your paperwork on a to/from email with attachment(s). Simply put, we don’t flip financial statements to the bonding company.

We analyze your entire account and present it in a manner that maximizes the strengths of your account and thoroughly and carefully address any issues that may serve to get our clients anything less than OPTIMAL BOND TERMS. Our semi-annual submissions on our client’s accounts routinely include multiple page write-ups on those contractors/companies.

Each of our partners has over 25 years of experience in the Surety industry

Each partner has been in the surety industry for over 25 years. This includes managerial experience in the underwriting departments of major surety companies and highly relevant and specialized experience in securing bonding for clients during various economic cycles that have occurred over the past 25+ years.

We are YOUR advocate

We are constantly monitoring the marketplace to ensure that our clients are getting the most favorable terms for bonding available at any time.

Our longevity and excellent track record with our surety underwriting partners results in us being able to request and receive surety programs from our surety companies for our clients that are significantly better than what our competitors can secure for their customers with the same underwriting data.

AllStates delivers the finest bond support to our clients and we’ve earned the reputation of setting the industry standard that our competitors strive to achieve.

Questions? Send us a message.

If you’re not using us now we’d love to have the opportunity to earn your confidence and your business. We can deliver you a no-cost, no strings attached assessment of your current bond program in as quick as 24 hours and no later than 72 hours upon receiving your underwriting information. We GUARANTEE we will improve on the terms and conditions of your current surety program!


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